Opening x5000

Opening on October 1th at 18:00  time UTC/GMT +2:00

The main characteristics of the server:
Game version: Season 3 Episode 1
Exp: x5000
Drop: 99%
Max Level: 400
Reset at level 400
Maximum Reset: ∞
Maximum Grand Reset 1000
Reset from game
Grand reset from game
Stats per level 5/7
For Grand Reset you need 100 Resets
Reward for Grand Reset 10,000 Credits
100 credits for one reset
No delete stats after reset
Maximum stats 32767
Monthly voter reward 1st place 5000 credits
Automatically online time in game 10 credits per hour
Vote Reward for the server 50 credits per link

Features of the game:
Elf Helper
PvP options for all items
MU Helper Activation at level 50
Interesting game events will not let you get bored
New sets ancient + excellent
New game panel with sections   Event Time, Reset, Grand Reset
Right-click support for moving items
Ctrl + Right Click to sell items
Works gold party for 5 people

Join our server together with us! 
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Posted13 / 10 / 2021ByShurikPurik

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